Some background information on me

About Me

Hello! My name is Voltstro! This about section includes some more interesting stuff about me, my projects and important events that had happened in my life. This page is rather long, so grab a drink, a snack or maybe some music or something while you read this.

The Start

I was born on the 3rd of March in Australia, Queensland. I have never left the country and I have lived in the same city(town?) for my entire life (so far), but yes, I have gone to other cities before in case you’re wondering.

Sometime in 2009~2010 I was first introduced to a little game called Minecraft, Dad was playing it on his computer, and I guess it looked interesting to me. Eventually I got my own computer that also had Minecraft on it, it was fun back then and I still play it today. That was the game that really got me into gaming.

How I made up the name “Voltstro”, and why that name?

I made-up the name Voltstro from the model of my laptop I have, it is a Dell Vostro 15 3000 i7 model, as you can tell, I changed the word ‘Vostro’ into ‘Voltstro’.

Origin of my original name

My original name used to be “Creepysin”, some of my online accounts still have this name! The name was made up from Creepers (Creep part) and the word ‘sin’, I had no idea what ‘sin’ meant at the time I created my name, I will still a very young kid when I created it, but I had stuck with the name until 2020, when I had decided to change the name.

Why the name change?

Its really simple why I changed my name, if you Google search “Creepysin”, what do you get, currently all you get is Roblox and SCP bullshit. I don’t want to be associated with that stuff, esspically since I am not too fond of either Roblox or SCP.

Team Fortress 2, Half-Life 2 and Steam

Sometime in 2014, a friend of mine called ‘Mr. Fantastic Pootis ;D’, who also goes by Gundagai on other accounts, showed me a game called Team Fortress 2 (tf2). This game was fucking amazing, all the funniest and bullshit you could add into one game, as well as hats! Anyway, we created my account on October 2, 2014 and downloaded tf2 onto my computer. I think on the first night of tf2, after Gundagai when home, we both played on an idle server running the map ‘ACHIEVEMENT IDLE4LIFE V2’. I remember destroying Gundagai since he was on the other team. This is also where I tried to rocket jump and took my first screenshot.

Because of Steam as well as my Dad I also got into the Half-Life games, and eventually I learnt how to map for Source games using Valve’s fucking awful mapping tool called Hammer.


At the start of 2015 I created my YouTube channel called… well ‘Creepysin’, of course! I started WAY before my name change. I used to make cringy blogs because I didn’t have any screen capturing program or editing software, and I only had a cam recorder. These videos got a couple of views, nothing special. Obviously, these videos no longer exist due to there SHIT quality and boring content. But because I started ‘YouTubing’, I inspired a few others in my class to do YouTube, and we made it a competition to get the most subs, but out of the 3 or 4 people who were doing it at the time, I am the only one who still makes videos, and who also has over 100 subs now 😊. Where is my trophy guys?

With my YouTube videos I always try to get the best quality in both the video, audio and editing, a lot of my earlier edited videos certainly weren’t bad, they taught me how to edit videos using Adobe Premiere Pro. Though all of those videos were ‘How To’ videos and have no voice, which is kind of needed, I might remaster them someday.


I first started to code back in 2015 when I was in to Source SDK modding because of a video, even though all my old Source mods are complete shit. The only Source mod that I am happy with was a mod called Revenge and my Multiplayer mod and even still to this day both of those aren’t even 50% complete. The multiplayer mod is currently on hold, and Revenge has been completely scraped. I might continue to work on the multiplayer mod in 2020, and I might revisit Revenge in 2020 as well or later.

Since I was using Visual Studio 2013 for the codding of the Source mods (I had no idea what I was doing at the time), Dad notice it and showed me C# and making Window form apps, I then taught myself C# from videos, guides and posts online. I still remember that one night when I finished making my calculator, still have it as well!

Over the years I have created many applications such as a simple Chat program (I really like networking/client server stuff, you will see that), multiple browsers, text editors, login programs and many, MANY prank/troll programs including one that puts billions of .txt files on the user’s desktop in a matter of a few seconds, it would always bog down the computer, it may or may not fucked a few people’s computers. Another one that I did was rigged my computer to play a video when someone opens the settings, and then lock the computer. I did this to stop my parents changing settings when I accidentally left my computer unlocked, too bad it hasn’t gotten them yet…

Unity Game Creation

So, at the point I was sort of into Programming. Even though no-one except my Dad could understand anything. But in 2016, my first year of high school I meet a friend called Panc4kes and he too also sort of knew codding (maybe not too much at that point? IDK) and we would play pirated Minecraft on the school computers (the school provided the .exe) every lunch, but the school also had something else on the school computers, it was a program called Unity. He told me that this program could make games, so what did you know? We launched it up and tried to make a fucking cube move… we failed, apparently, we were retarded or something and didn’t look up “How to make a cube move in Unity”.

But after that I went home and installed Unity Personal on my PC and created something. I don’t remember what I created, except for one project where is was on an island and it had fully working multiplayer (once again networking). Unfortunately, I don’t have the source code anymore for most of these projects.


In mid-2018 I created probably one of my best game called ‘Team Capture’ using Unity. Once again it was a multiplayer game using UNET HLAPI but this time it had shooting and advance movement, all the basic things an FPS game needs and was much further developed, it also had grenades (these things were fun!). I dropped the project in early 2019, but picked it up in mid-2019 again once I learn that my whole fucking Digital Solutions class at school really liked playing it, even with all its glorious shit bugs (like shooting yourself), this really motivated me to continue developing it. Though in November of 2019 I decided to scrap it completely and start on a new version, using Unity 2019 and using Mirror-Networking which is a lot like HLAPI, but it works. Though this time a friend of mine named EternalClickbait decided to help with the project.

Pootis Bot

Once again in mid-2018 (it was school holidays), I stumbled across a video on my late-night video adventures called ‘Making a Discord BOT - #1’. He showed on how to make a Discord bot and it was in C# (Unfortunately it looks like he deleted his channel, but here is his GitHub). So of course, I created a Discord bot and at first it was called ‘DiscordEpicBot’, I know right, such a unique and special name. But it was simple and it worked quite well. I though that I might as well continue working on it for my Discord server, and Gundagai suggested a tf2-sort of styled bot as well as the name ‘Pootis Bot’. It did then turn into ‘Pootis-Bot’ and I decided that I should release the source code on GitHub, and that’s what I did. On the 24th of December 2019, Pootis-Bot version 1.0 came out, which was 1 year after the source code was released! Pootis-Bot is the first piece of software that was just made by me (except 3rd party libraries as well as some other minor stuff). I know its not a massive thing, but it is a start.