Here are some ways to contact me!


Here are some ways to contact me! Further down there are also some of my social media platforms.

Don’t bother spamming me! I just ignore or don’t read the message if it looks like spam!


This is the RECOMMEND and BEST way to contact me, if you contact me via email, it is almost 100% guaranteed that I will see and read your message.

You can email me at:


This is the second most RECOMMEND way to contact me, as well others. If you need help with projects of mine, this is the BEST place to ask as others may be able to help you solve your issue! You can also come and chat with us!

Discord Server: Join Here


A fairly easy way to contact me, use this way as more of a last resort! I don’t check my Twitter as much as my emails or my Discord server. Expect there to be a bit of a delay for a reply.

Twitter: @Voltstro

Other platforms

You really should use another platform to contact me! This just acts as a list of official ways to contact me!