Time For a Name Change

Published: Apr 3, 2020 by Voltstro

The time has finally come! The time where I finally change my name. Introducing my new name: “Voltstro”!

This name change has been long over due, and is my first major online name change in my life! Yes, I had the name “Creepysin” for so long now, and a lot of people are used to it as well, in games, and even at school. Though most people would call me “Creepy” or at school a lot of people would just be like “CREEP-Y-SIN”.

I can already see people just shorting my name to “Volt”, and I am fine with that.

Why the name change?

Welp, I changed it because if you Google search “Creepysin”, what do you get, currently all you get is Roblox and SCP bullshit. I don’t want to be associated with that stuff, especially since I am not too fond of either Roblox or SCPs.

Why the name ‘Voltstro’?

I made-up the name Voltstro from the model of my laptop I have, it is a Dell Vostro 15 3000 i7 model, as you can tell, I changed the word ‘Vostro’ into ‘Voltstro’. Plus the name ‘Voltstro’ sound kinda cool to me, and it don’t straight up associate me with Creepy stuff, or Creepers from Minecraft.

It certainly gonna take awhile for everyone, even me, to remember that the person called “Creepysin” is now “Voltstro”. I been planning to change my name for about 6 months now, and recently in the last two weeks I been really thinking about it, and with my creepysin.com domain name expiring soon, I also took the opportunity to change my name.

Website Updates

Oh, as you might already noticed, the website has been overhauled again! And its lookin really good! I decided this time to use Jekyllrb since it works with GH-Pages, instead of HTML, as the old website was kinda hard to maintain, but with this website, it is all auto-generated essentially. I have also archived the old website’s repository.

So yea thats it, thank you for everything, its gonna take awhile for everything of mine to be called “Voltstro” now, considering how long I have been using the name “Creepysin” for, but it is for the better, I know my mum is already happy about it lol.


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