Welcome to my blog! This blog could have anything that I decide that I want, but it will probs be tech/me related

Creepysin Got An Update

Welcome to the new blog system! I’ve always wanted my own blog so, well here it is! As well as introducing this blog system the site also so a semi-makeover.

Latest Posts

Introducing VoltRpc

Hello, it’s me again, making my once a semester blog post. This blog post is going to be about my new .NET library, VoltRpc.

Unity Web Browser

Recently, I wanted to have a web to be displayed within my game. Ok, no problem, I'll get a web browser engine, get it to render to an image and boom and I will be done.

Time For a Name Change

The time has finally come! The time where I finally change my name. Introducing my new name: “Voltstro”!